Jul. 9, 2019


In the list of ingredients not only there are nootropics, the following vitamins are also present:

Vitamin D3 As Micro capsulated Colecalciferol
Vitamin B3 Like Niacinamide
Vitamin B1 as Benfotiamine
Vitamin C as ascorbic acid
Vitamin B5 as Pantothenate Calcium
Vitamin B6 as pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P-5-P)

Extracts of adaptogens

Mane of lion: 30% polysaccharides
Active Gynostemma
Artichoke extract: 5% Cynarin
Rhodiola Rosea: 3% Rosavins, 1% Salidrosides
Coleus Forskohlii: 20% Forskolin
Ginkgo Biloba: 24% of glycosides, 6% of terpene lactones
Mucuna Pruriens: 98% L-Dopa
Bacopa Monnieri: 55% Bacosides

Amino acids:

N-acetyl tyrosine
Nootropic Compounds

Qualia is formed with the following nootropic elements:

This is a pretty long list, so you already have an idea of ​​how many ingredients interact in this formula.

Huperzine A
Uridine monophosphate
Hordenine HCI
Pure energy (pterostilbene linked to caffeine)

Hill donors

Alpha GPC
Citicoline (CDP Hill)

Inflammatory neuro-anti and antioxidants.

Green tea extract: 98% polyphenols, 45% EGCG
DHA seaweed

Hill donors

Alpha GPC
Citicoline (CDP Hill)


Finally, it has the following neuro-minerals:

Magnesium Thononate
Lithium Orotate
Zinc picolinate

And it is impossible to believe how many ingredients can be merged perfectly to create such a beneficial element. This is a more precise dose found in Qualia's ingredients as shown in qualia nootropic review.

3. At what dose and time should I take Qualia?

Neurohacker Collective (the company that created Qualia) is very specific about the dose in which Qualia must be ingested, so that it is a safe and effective experience.

Feb. 21, 2017

The new Smooth 5.65 treadmill is Smooth Fitness’ 2010 upgrade to its award winning and bestselling Smooth 5.45. Just like with the older model, the 5.65 is regularly on sale at just under $1,000, which makes it perhaps the best-value treadmill you can find for such a feature-rich machine.

While the Smooth 5.65 has maintained most of the 5.45's key features such as the 20? by 55? walking surface, 2.5 HP motor, and maximum speed of 10 mph, the new model scores points with its added features that you can rarely find in treadmills priced less than $1,000. The Smooth 5.65 now comes with a deluxe sound system and adjustable cooling fan. The new model now supports a maximum user weight of 275 pounds – 25 pounds more than the older model. This is important to point out because that indicates the machine itself has been beefed up and will be more stable during your workouts.

With these improvements and Smooth’s “Best in Industry” warranty, there’s every reason to believe that the 5.65 treadmill will again be one of the forerunners in the sub-$1,000 class heading into 2010.

Actual Expert and Customer Feedback:

I just received my 5.65 treadmill, and all i can say is WOW. This treadmill is so cool!! I'm reallly impressed with the quality. Setting this thing up was easy, and delivery was quick and painless. I'm really impressed with Smooth Fitness.-Smooth Fitness Customer


Best For:

Walkers and Light Joggers


-Solid and Durable; Quiet Operation
-Dual-stage, soft drop folding for easy storage
-Deluxe Sound System


-No track record (new model)
-The 55" walking surface may not be ideal for tall joggers

As you can see, there isn't a lot of expert and customer feedback on the Smooth 5.65 just yet being a new model (it was released in November 2009). However, anyone who has known and liked the Smooth 5.45 would have no complaints with the 5.65. In fact, the basic specs of the older model have been retained, with a few more value-added features put in.

As of this review, there has only been one feedback for the Smooth 5.65 found on the Smooth Fitness website, but that one buyer gave this treadmill 5 out of 5 stars. And why not? Some of the features that the 5.65 has are those that you would expect to pay a premium for, such as the deluxe sound system, dual-stage, soft drop folding system, two-speed fan, and 6 preset programs.

And the features the 2010 model got from the older version aren't half-bad either-2.5 HP continuous duty motor, 20" by 55" walking surface, heart rate control, and hand pulse grips. The Smooth 5.65 is now a lighter 191 lbs, down from the 5.45's 210 lbs, but it can now support a user of up to 275 pounds. Looking at the new model, you can also notice that Smooth has done a 'makeover' on the 5.45, adding bold red highlights along the side of the treadmill for a more modern look.

Those looking for a solid, basic treadmill that comes at an affordable price will likely find the Smooth 5.65 treadmill a great value.

Treadmill Specifications

Folding    Yes
Motor    2.5 HP Continuous Duty
Incline    0-15%
Walking Surface    20"x55"
Belt Thickness    2 Ply
Rollers    2"
Machine Weight    191 lbs.
Footprint    75" L x 33" W x 52" H
User Weight Capacity    275 lbs.
Heart Rate Control    Yes
Hand Pulse Grips    Yes
Preset Programs    6
User Defined Programs    None
Console Display    LCD
Water Bottle Holder    Yes
Cooling Fans    Yes
TV/Sound System    Yes; Speakers Only
Treadmill Warranty & Shipping Info
Frame/Deck    Lifetime
Motor    Lifetime
Parts    3 Years
Labor    1 Year
Return Policy    30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Ships To    U.S. (except Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada

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